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Pop art: High-speed photography captures the incredible moments when water balloons explode


Caught on camera at an incredible 1/40,000ths of a second these photos show the spectacular moment water balloons pop – at speeds normally too quick to see.



Edward Horsford spends hours in his back garden in London at night and snaps the intricate patterns created by the ever-different reactions with split-second timing.

爱德华 霍斯福特晚上花了好几个小时在他位于伦敦的后花园里,就是为了抓住瞬间内发生的连续变化的精密模式。

One image shows the almost perfect orb of dyed yellow water just a fraction of a second after the balloon that enveloped it has disappeared – leaving water spraying in spouts as it sits on his hand.



Another shows the rippled skin of rubber seemingly clinging to a ball of water suspended in the air – before gravity brings the moment to an end.


‘As it’s a rather messy process, I have to shoot outside,’ said Mr Horsford.  ‘The irony of the shoot is that while they are bright and colourful I spend all this time working in the dark.’


In his quest to unveil the varying shapes, he is constantly tinkering with his experiment.


‘I can also vary size, position, shape, and where and how my hands appear in the image,’ he said.


‘For lighting, the angle and direction make a huge difference, from hard and striking lighting to more general illumination.


‘A large factor of the final images is about timing, so I experiment with that a lot, and make very fine adjustments.’

A purple water balloon looks like a spinning ball of fur***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - UNDATED: A water balloon pops in Edward Horsford's studio in London, England.


A purple water balloon looks like a spinning ball of fur, left, while another looks like some strange fruit as it splits in two

One image shows two sides of the balloon as the centre shatters, left, while anotehr shows a balloon as it appears to spin mid-burst

 A water balloon pops in Edward Horsford's studio in London, England. A water balloon pops in Edward Horsford's studio in London, England.


Another big factor is luck. All balloons burst differently, and the water goes in different directions, he said.


‘If I have a specific image in mind, it might take quite a few tries to get what I imagined.’


The water balloons are burst with a long pin and the flash is triggered by the sound of the balloon popping.


‘There are two main pieces of equipment besides the camera, which is really the least important part of the process,’ added Ed. ‘These are the flashes that light the scene, and a high-speed trigger.


‘The high-speed trigger sets off the flashes when the ambient sound volume goes over a certain level. Thus when the balloon pops, it’s the popping noise that triggers the shot.


‘It’s not the camera that is activated by the noise, it’s the flash. The camera is effectively already taking a picture of complete darkness before I pop the balloon because the shutter is open.


Horsford gets drenched in total darkness up to 50 times a night to bring you these captivating visions of balloons bursting

Horsford gets drenched in total darkness up to 50 times a night to bring you these captivating visions of balloons bursting为了带给大家水球爆炸的迷人瞬间,霍斯福特将近50次陷在完全的黑暗中。

A ball of light dissolves into thousands of separate droplets as the exploding balloon is captured using split-second timing

A water balloon pops in Edward Horsford's studio in London, England.当用瞬间定时拍捕捉的爆炸的全球瞬间时,满球的光溶解成千千万万分散的小液滴。

‘When I pop the balloon, it’s the flash that goes off and illuminates what’s happening in front of the camera. This is why the photography is so high-speed. A flash of light can be extremely quick but not many cameras can operate at that speed.



Water balloon artist Edward Horsford in his studio in London, England

Water balloon artist Edward Horsford in his studio in London, England

水球艺术家爱德华 霍斯福特在他的工作室 伦敦,英国


‘I can set my high-speed trigger to different volume thresholds, and also insert a delay before it sets off the flashes. With this delay, I can precisely control at what point in the burst the photo is captured. If there wasn’t a delay, then the image would be taken before any of the balloon has really burst at all.



‘A large part of the water shape comes from the original balloon form. I tend to use rounder balloons, holding the balloons in different positions to manipulate the outcome.


‘Sometimes that means giving it a spin in the air so that when the flash goes off, you get a nice effect.


The volume of water also has an effect with ‘tighter’ balloons producing more spray, whereas a ‘loose’ balloon will leave a cleaner edge.’


Sharing his images online, Ed’s work has drawn amazed comments from fans around the world including a schoolboy in South America and a photojournalist in Japan.


‘I never intended to ‘specialise’ in water balloons,’ he added. ‘The idea was to create some interesting images and then move on to another subject.


‘The problem is that each time I do a shoot with them, I come up with new ideas for how I might make them more dynamic or achieve more unusual positions.


‘It’s the age-old problem that the more you drill down in to a simple subject, the more you realise that it’s really not simple at all.’







“不断学习,就好像你会永远活下去一样;认真生活,就好像你可能明天就会死去一样。”- Mahatma Gandhi(甘地)


“成功的人生就应该是懂得自己的人生目标,并为之而追逐,而不是追寻别人的梦想。”- Chin Ning Chu


“从昨天中学习,过好今天,满怀希望面对明天。最重要的就是不要停止质疑。”- Albert Einstein(爱因斯坦)


“我们对生活的态度决定了生活对我们的态度。” – Earl Nightingale(南丁格尔)


“生活是不公平的。但它比死亡要公平一些,这就是一切。”- William Goldman


“最终,剩下的不是你生命中还有多少岁月。而是在你有限的岁月里还有多少生活。”- Abraham Lincoln(林肯)


“首先,也是最重要的通往成功的一步就是感觉到我们能够成功。”- Nelson Boswell


“没有人能够再活一次。向前看,因为你的未来在那里。”- Ann Landers


“生活有点像一个喇叭。如果你不放点东西在它里面,你就不会得到任何东西。”- William Christopher Handy


“即使你在准确的道路上,如果你坐在那里不动,你也会被人超越。”- Will Rogers(罗杰斯)


“即使你在准确的道路上,如果你坐在那里不动,你也会被人超越。”- Will Rogers(罗杰斯)








“难道有比两个心灵感觉到他们生命交汇在一起更重要的事情吗?每个人在这无声的记忆里都获得了力量。”-George Eliot(艾略特)


“我不是因为你是谁而爱你,而是因为我能够知道和你在一起时我是谁。”- Roy Croft




“比起没有失去任何东西而言,曾经爱过并且失去爱要好得多。”- Samuel Butler







“我不是因为你是谁而爱你,而是因为我能够知道和你在一起时我是谁。”- Roy Croft




“比起没有失去任何东西而言,曾经爱过并且失去爱要好得多。”- Samuel Butler





“有时,你几乎他走我的呼吸;而我欲说无言。然后,静静的,我仅仅希望我的眼睛能够代表我的心在说话。”- Robert Sexton













“A picture is worth a thousand words’. We’re sure you’ve heard this expression a million times before, but you probably have not quite ‘seen’ it yet…



Juan Osborne is a Spanish architect and designer, that has literally taken this expression and created stunning art with this concept. His amazing compositions are made up of words, literally thousands of words!



He starts his process by collecting words from books, speeches, movies and recreates photographs and painting using these words laid out in a way so that they form the picture.



Just like with tags on blogs, the more repetition he encounters for each keyword, the bigger it appears in the final composition.



In this post, we’ve compiled some of his more unique works, which include classics such as “The Scream” to more contemporary visualizations for a character on the TV show “Lost” and even Obama speeches.



You can find out more about Juan and his art at his website. Larger versions of these images can be accessed by clicking on any the images below.



奥诺尔· 杜米埃



Peace for All… Tastes


Warhol’s Revenge




Claude Monet


Country Road in Provence by Words


3D Alphabet Experiment




2011 Binary Calendar


2011 Spiral Calendar


The Most Difficult “Where’s Waldo?” Ever


The Scream


The Beatles


On the Origin of Words


Kate Evolution


Obama’s Word Relationship


The Bible


Jester in Words


You can find more about this art and the artist at



Chrome Dev 分支里隐藏的两个趣图

cDkPAEz从新版Chrome Dev分支浏览器里挖出了两个隐藏图。首先是上面的三个套图,其实是一个虫子图,做了鼠标悬停上去和按下的效果,是说未来将有一个“一键汇报bug”的按钮出现在工具栏里吗?





Nowadays people tend to use ‘I think’ and ‘I feel’ interchangeably. For some this is a linguistic faux pas, but what about psychologically? Does it make any difference whether what you say is couched in ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling’ terms?


On the surface the difference seems very slight. “I feel economic recovery is just around the corner,” and “I think economic recovery is just around the corner,” send much the same message.


Nevertheless a new study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletinfinds this tiny difference can influence the power of a persuasive message (Mayer & Tormala, 2010).


Persuasive thoughts and feelings


Nicole Mayer and Zakary Tormala first assessed the natural tendencies of 65 participants to think either cognitively or affectively. Did they tend to describe the world with reference to feelings (e.g. unpleasant or pleasant; scary or comforting) or in terms of thoughts (e.g. useless or useful; harmful or beneficial).

Nicole Mayer和Zakary Tormala首先测试了65位被试者,有哪些人为认知取向,哪些为情感取向。也就是说,有些人更愿意用感觉方面的词语来传递情感(比如愉快或不愉快;吓人的或舒适的),有些人则更习惯用认知方面的词语来描述事物(比如有用的或无用的;有害的或有益的)。

Then they were given a persuasive message to read about donating blood which contained exactly the same arguments, except where one used the word ‘think’, the other used ‘feel’. Afterwards each person was asked how likely they were to donate blood in the future.


People who thought about the world in cognitive terms were more persuaded to give blood when the message was framed in terms of ‘thinking’. On the other hand the group that used emotional words was more persuaded when ‘feel’ was used.


This suggests that if you want to persuade someone, then it’s useful to know whether they are a thinker or a feeler and target your message accordingly. If you don’t already know then the easiest way to find out is listen for whether they describe the world cognitively or affectively.


Going in cold


But what if you are trying to persuade someone cold, without knowing whether they are a thinker or a feeler? Then you’ll have to rely on short-cuts, and one of the most obvious short-cuts is gender because women have a tendency to give greater weight to emotionally-framed arguments, while men give greater weight to cognitively-framed arguments.


To check this theory out Mayer and Tormala gave men and women adverts for a new movie. Tormala explains the results:”…we found that women were more persuaded by an ad for a new movie when it quoted reviews beginning with ‘I feel.’ Men, however, were more persuaded by the same basic ad when it quoted reviews beginning with ‘I think.'”


A vital caveat to this research, particularly relevant because of the gender difference, is that it is not assessing whether messages should persuade rationally or emotionally at a deep level (I’ll come on to that). This study is all about framing: the terms in which a message is couched.


Emotional messages can be couched in emotional language, but they can also be couched in cognitive language. I can say “I feel happy,” or “I’m thinking happy thoughts.” Both messages contain emotional content but people respond to them in different ways.


So this study is less about the content and more about the surface appearance. If youappear to be referring more to either emotions or thoughts then people who think in those terms are more persuaded.


Studies have looked beyond the mere surface of persuasive messages at whether truly affective or cognitive messages are more persuasive. These generally find messages are more persuasive if they match the attitude’s encoding. In other words if people tend to think cognitively about, say, economic policy, then the most persuasive arguments are likely to be those that are deeply cognitive. But if attitudes are more affectively tinged, an emotional argument is likely to trump the cognitive.


Rational emotions


Looking closer at these findings, there are also reliable differences between people. We vary individually in our desire for both the cognitive and affective components of messages. In an experimental test of this, Haddock et al. (2008) found that people’s ‘need for cognition’ and ‘need for affect’ was central to how persuasive messages were processed. And just like Mayer and Tormala, Haddock and colleagues found that persuasion was boosted if the message matched those individual preferences.


In practical terms, though, Mayer and Tormala win out because in their experiment the deep meaning of a message doesn’t need to be changed, it only needs to appear to have changed. There are likely to be some losses in persuasive power, but for a manipulation that is so simple to implement, it’s a neat way of boosting persuasive power. The only challenge is picking the audience as either a thinker or a feeler. Once past that, your message is easily tailored.


In the grand arena of ideas, we have tended to see emotion as the poorer cousin to thought, especially in the context of persuasion. We have this idea that using an emotional argument, or being swayed by one, somehow denotes lesser intelligence. But attitudes towards emotional arguments are warming as psychologists have uncovered the vital role emotions play in our thinking.


Rather than seeing emotions as opposed to rationality, psychologists frequently describe them as vital components of reason. Contrary to centuries of prejudice, an emotional thought isn’t necessarily an irrational one.






KOZO2台灯 由金属水管制成,并用一个水龙头做开关. [链接]



奥利弗和佛罗伦斯设计出的精美台灯. [链接]


日本设计师坪井浩尚设计出的非常有型的台灯. [链接]


一盏设计独特的台灯,你可以利用一把枪来关掉它. [链接]





这盏台灯的造型使人联想到那些其他星球上的生物。 [链接]


设计师简收到启发设计的独特台灯 [链接]


遇到与外表颜色一样的东西就会亮的台灯. [链接]



苹果G4循环再利用制成的漂亮有型的台灯. [链接]



铜铸工业主体台灯. [链接]



锁住的光线,你需要打破它释放其中的被禁锢的光明. [链接]


Anglepoise系列台灯由乔治设计,大小为普通台灯的三倍. [链接]



Collection of creative and unusual coasters from around the world.


Super Mario Bros. 3 Coasters


Coasters based on characters from Super Mario Bros. 3. [link]


Super Mario Bros. 3 Coasters

Super Mario Bros. 3 Coasters 2

Sponge Coasters


Sponge Coasters protect the surface the drink is on, while also being near to hand to quickly deal with any spilt liquids. [link]

海绵杯垫不仅保护您家的台面,水泼出来的时候它就是最顺手的抹布!Sponge Coasters

Soft Sector Coasters


If you still remember paper sticky tabs for write protecting your favorite VGA game then this colorful nostalgic set is for your desk. Ah the good old days of beeping PCs. [link]

如果你还记得为最爱的 VGA 游戏写标签的日子,那么这套怀旧的彩色杯垫正是你的菜。怀念啊,电脑只会哔哔想的年代!Soft Sector Coasters

Coaster Puzzles

Available in a variety of designs, these unique coaster puzzles separate to become four handy coasters. [link]


多种图案可选,独一无二的每张拼图分开来就是四个杯垫。Coaster Puzzles

Pixel Drink Coasters

Each coaster is made up of 110 individual 1cm square “pixels” which are perfed in a way that lets you selectively remove blocks from each square. Through what sort of amounts to “pixel sculpting”, you can create your own personalized designs. [link]

Pixel Drink Coasters


Pixel Drink Coasters 2

Pixel Drink Coasters 3

Vintage Record Coasters

Give your drinks a spin with these cool assorted coasters handmade from real vinyl records. The discs are sealed so moisture won’t seep through to the surface. Comes in a set of six assorted labels packed in a clear, round case. [link]

CD 杯垫
你会忍不住把玩旋转你的杯子,在这些用真正的唱片手工打造的杯垫上。光盘是封闭的,所以不会漏水。透明原型包装内含一组共六张不同封面的 CD。
Vintage Record Coasters

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CoasterGlow Coaster

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A set of 6 coasters made from Perler Beads with a Perler Bead box. The coasters are power-ups from the Super Mario Bros. games, and the box is a Question Mark Block. [link]


Nintendo Mario Coasters

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The creativity for coming up with fun new products inspired by the classic plastic building bricks from the Danish LEGO company never ends. The latest example is this set of flexible 3-D textured coasters. [link]

使用丹麦乐高公司的塑料积木搭建新鲜玩意的灵感永远不会衰竭。最近的产物就是这组能变形的 3D 结构杯垫。

LEGO Coasters

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Clear your head, focus on those rails and hold that glass steady. On your marks… Get set… GO!!! These drive down memory lane coasters can link with each other forming a slot car race track. [link]


Golden Track Coasters

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6-Pack Coasters

iPhone Coasters

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iphone 杯垫
iPhone Coasters





蒸汽朋克………探索 摄影:Chris Willcocks

guy in uniform with gas mask on holding a gun next to his head

氮蒸汽朋克/维多利亚镜头 摄影:Scott Chalmers

female brunette steampunk model in black vintage dress

蒸汽朋克! 作者:Suemomo

Steampunk dolls

蒸汽朋克Taeyang Gyro 作者:Suemomo

Steampunk Taeyang Gyro doll

蒸汽朋克时尚 – 珠宝设计师Daniel Proulx 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Fashion - male in vintage gasmask, suit and cylinder posing

布鲁克林独立市场蒸汽朋克 摄影:Anna Fischer

three steampunk female models posing

蒸汽朋克 摄影:Scott Chalmers

Steampunk model holding a vintage gun that's smoking

非凡的蒸汽朋克组合 摄影:Lex Machina

steampunk crew

天鹅绒机械蒸汽朋克胸部安全带 摄影:alison.velvetgarden

steampunk fashion - woman dressed in black leather

蒸汽朋克紧身胸衣(正面细节) 摄影:Andrew Ferguson

Steampunk Corset (Front Detail) - gear design

蒸汽朋克风俗 摄影:Mark Berry

steampunk dude squatting

英国牛津– 蒸汽朋克02 – 机器人宠物 摄影:Darrell Godliman

Steampunk Robot pet

蒸汽朋克战争机器 摄影:Elisa Lazo de Valdez

Steampunk War Machine

蒸汽朋克螳螂祈求雕塑 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Praying Mantis Sculpture

蒸汽朋克发条蜘蛛铜丝雕塑 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Clockwork Spider Brass and Copper Wire Sculpture

G. M. Wheeler 蒸汽朋克古典纽扣项链 摄影:calloohcallay

G. M. Wheeler Steampunk Vintage Button Necklace

蒸汽朋克古典水龙头把手项链 摄影:Madelyn Smoak

Steampunk Vintage Faucet Handle Necklace

蒸汽朋克戒指 摄影:Grace Acosta

Steampunk Ring

蒸汽朋克袖表 摄影:ladyaranwen

Steampunk Cuff Watch

囚犯复古蒸汽朋克项链 摄影:19moons

THE PRISONER Vintage Steampunk Necklace by 19 Moons

TEMPUS REGINA蒸汽朋克复古表戒指 摄影:19moons

Steampunk Vintage Watch Ring

蒸汽朋克旁观者迷你机器人雕塑 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Beholder Miniature robot sculpture

蒸汽朋克时间旅行虫塑像   摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Time Travel Bug Sculpture

多振动激光枪戒指 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Multi-Oscillator Raygun Ring

蒸汽朋克珠宝机器人戒指 摄影:Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Jewellery Robot Ring

女凶手 摄影:Nuno Silva


蒸汽朋克吸血鬼 摄影:Candace Miller

Steampunk Vampire

2009万圣节蒸汽朋克 摄影:Evil Mastermind

Halloween 2009 Steampunk

蒸汽朋克 摄影:Méli Hoppe


蒸汽朋克5 摄影:Kat Bret

Steampunk 5

蒸汽朋克2 摄影:Kat Bret

Steampunk 2

蒸汽朋克6 摄影:Kat Bret

Steampunk 6

蒸汽朋克 摄影:jfdavis28


蒸汽朋克 摄影:misspixie93


蒸汽朋克4 摄影:Kat Bret

Steampunk 4

原创蒸汽朋克  摄影:Yaya 5 by shiroin

Original Steampunk by Yaya 5

蒸汽朋克悍妇 摄影:Pirate-Queen

Steampunk Vixen

蒸汽朋克变革 摄影:alovelydoll

Steampunk Revolution

原创蒸汽朋克 摄影:Yaya 7 by shiroin

Original Steampunk by Yaya 7

蒸汽朋克ID NYCC 1810 摄影:Nei Ruffino

Steampunk ID NYCC 1810

蒸汽朋克羽毛防毒面具 摄影:Tom Banwell

Steampunk Leather Gas Mask

蒸汽朋克 摄影:Liam Brandon Murray

steampunk golddd ss

蒸汽朋克 摄影:BlackRoseImmortalO


蒸汽朋克 摄影:Amellya


蒸汽朋克死亡注释: L轨道 摄影:Kira Addict

Steampunk DeathNote: L Tracks

秋天里的蒸汽朋克Fett  摄影:Dim Horizon Studio LLC

Steampunk Fett in Autumn

蒸汽朋克女郎2 摄影:Leder-Joe

Steampunk-Lady 2

蒸汽朋克时间旅行钥匙 作者:Drayok

Steampunk Time-Travel Key

蒸汽朋克古典翼式胸针 摄影:Violette Noble

Steampunk Antique WINGS brooch

蒸汽朋克之星 摄影:Collette J Ellis

Steampunk Star

蒸汽朋克机器人 作者:Rafa Maya

Steampunk Robot

蒸汽朋克飞船 作者:Karol Miklas

Steampunk Airship

大先生 – 蒸汽朋克机器人 作者:Brandon Herren

Big Sir - Steampunk Robot

蒸汽朋克钢铁侠 作者:antmanx68

Steampunk Iron Man

蒸汽朋克机器人概念2 作者:emze

Steampunk Robot Concept 2

蒸汽朋克 作者:Alexander Iglesias


蒸汽朋克章鱼 作者:Alex Broeckel

SteamPunk Octopus

蒸汽朋克企鹅 作者:Takeda11

Steampunk penguin

制作蒸汽朋克 作者:ilker Yüksel

make to Steampunk

蒸汽朋克 作者:spraynwipe


蒸汽朋克 作者:Corey Fetters


蒸汽朋克概念 作者:Toni Justamante Jacobs

Steampunk concept

蒸汽朋克蜘蛛人 作者:Patrik Johansson

Steampunk Spiderman

蒸汽朋克机械I by likaspapaya

Steampunk Mech I

蒸汽朋克Darth Vader 作者:Simon Joyce

Steampunk Darth Vader




80 Examples of Snow Photography To Freeze Your Screen


Snow Walking on Brunswick Avenue


Kinkaku-ji Temple


The Dog Heard The Snow Fall A Mile Away


Snow On Snowed

We Actually Got Snow!


School Bus Approaching

Let It Snow I


Rest in Snow


Snow Wonderland


April Snow in Red Square

雪鹀Snow Bunting


Shibuya in The Snow


Lost in The Snow


To Eternity and Beyond


Fox in a Snow Storm


Walk Away

雪色伦敦 – 大本钟与恋人

London When it Snows - Big Ben and Lovers




Danbo Trudges To Work

Wall-E, It's Snowing!!


Int'l Man Of Mystery

Winter Silence

Snow in The Summer


Coreatown North



February Blahs


Snow Lake


Japanese Monkey


First Snow


Snow Stars

Snow White


Let It Snow


Winter Solace


X-Mas in Seoul


Winter Time


Danbo Snow Angel




We All Need A Shoulder To Cry On



Long Distance


Romancing The Snow


Let It Snow In The Amsterdam




Up To Our Elbows In Snow


A Walk In The Clouds








A Walk In The Alley


Dutch Winter Bokeh


A Walk in The Snow

Giant Winter 020000


Foggy Day


First Snow

下雪的伦敦 – 威斯敏斯特

London When It Snows - Westminster


Winter Light


At The End Of The World


Hit and Miss


Lone Tree


Budoukan Hirosaki Japan


No One Else


Walking Was The Only Choice




Storm II




Wonder Upon Wonder


Paris Under The Snow




Snowy Walks


The Snow Has Gone


Winter Wonderland


Some Where Over The Snow


Rainier Snow Fun


Twas A Cold Snowy Night


Grange Park


Snowed In


Shibuya In The Snow


Hirosaki Pagoda






Do you ever wonder where we got our information before the Internet?



Did we actually use calculators to convert a liter to a gallon or a dollar to a pound? If we wanted to view a map of Europe, did we really have to visit a library? If we wanted to know what time it was in Melbourne right now  — did we have to call a relative in Australia to find out?



I could go on and on — but the point is that today, the Internet is an amazing free resource for the information we seek.



Below are 50 free and useful websites that are available to all of us in the blink of an eye:



Personal Resource


个人资源类网站 –  For do-it-yourself projects, this site offers step by step instructions for a tremendous variety of tasks. –  DIY式网站,为多种多样的任务提供一步一步的DIY式的指导。 –  An easy to use online image editing site.  It offers several tools allowing you to add shapes, fonts, and special effects to your photos. –  简单易用的在线图片编辑网站,可以为图片添加裁剪、字体等特殊效果。 – Find local businesses for whatever you are seeking.  Included are helpful ratings and reviews of the businesses that are listed –  企业黄页网站,提供所需要的商业信息,包括企业排名、点评等。 –  The easiest way to make a restaurant reservation online. The most booked list displays the most popular restaurants in a given area. –  最便捷的在线预定餐馆服务网站,提供所选地区最受欢迎的餐馆列表。 – Enter an ingredient currently in the kitchen – and this website will show recipes that use this ingredient.  It also shows what else is need to complete the recipe. –  菜谱网站,输入原料就可以得到使用该原料的所有菜谱,并显示完成某个菜谱所需要的其他原料列表。 – The most popular recipe website on the web with over 40,000 recipes many of which have been tested and reviewed by multiple food critics. –  最受欢迎的菜谱网站,提供超过40000多个经过众多美食评论家测试过的菜谱。* – A place to go for help when naming your new puppy.  Sort through names categorized by male, female, popular, famous, unique, & wacky.*  – 狗狗起名网站,可以按照雄性、雌性、受欢迎程度、最有名气的、唯一的等进行归档显示。  – Revolutionary free personal finance software which is easy to use and web-based.  The award winning service helps user to plan, budget, and manage their finances on a daily basis. –  基于网络的免费的个人财务管理网站,可以编排财务计划、编制预算和提供理财建议等。  – This website allows you to diagram your ancestry, and it also lets you invite others to contribute. There are several ancestry services out there, but this one separates itself by making it easy to have other relatives contribute to the profile you have created. –  图表化的家谱网站,可以让亲戚们一起来完成你的家谱。 – The official site to get a free report from each of the three credit bureaus.  The report is offered to all individuals once per year. –信用报告官方网站,分别从三个信用机构得到一份个免费的信用报告。每人每年一次。

Linkedin  – 85 million professionals utilize this website to connect and network .  In a tight job market, this site can help candidates differentiate themselves from other job applicants through making a personal connection at a repective company that an applicant is applying to.


Linkedin –  8500万专业人士的网络社交网站,通过与公司进行私下交流从而可以使应聘者脱颖而出。 – Helps promote waste reduction by matching up a person who wants to throw something out with someone who has a need for the item. There are over 4,000 groups across the world participating in the freecycle network. –  免费物品交易网站,把不需要的物品转交给需要它的人,从而减少浪费和促进循环利用。 – Promoted as your address book for life, the service helps you to organize, manage, and access your contacts in one place.  The web-based service allows users to quickly access their contacts from anywhere. –   统一的智能通讯录网站,基于网络的服务可以让你在任何地方快速访问此通讯录。 – Tons of articles and resources providing expert help for do-it-yourself home repairs and  improvements. – 家庭修缮类的DIY式网站,提供大量专家式的帮助。



旅行类网站 –  Enter flight details to track flight status.  The website also shows which cities are currently experiencing airport delays. –航班状态网站,可以提供航班的详细信息,也可以显示在某个城市是否出现航班延误情况。* – Everything you need to know about the world of railroads.  The site has railroad pictures, articles, events, and a forum with one of the oldest online railroad communities which has been active for  over 10 years.*  – 全球铁路信息网站,提供所有铁路的相关信息,包括照片、文章、重大事件和一个超过10年之久的论坛。 –  Travel guides to help plan trips and vacations.  The site displays several suggested destinations and details trip ideas sorted by family, adventure, beach, first-class, and more. –  旅行和度假指导网站,提供旅行建议和依据家庭、探险、海滩、受欢迎程度等进行分类汇总的详细信息。 –  An easy to use taxifare estimator that predicts the cost of a taxi from one destination to the next inside major US and Canadian cities. –  的士费用估算网站,提供美国和加拿大境内从一城市到另一城市的的士费用估计。 – A wiki dedicated to the world of traveling.  It has several helpful travel guides for obscure locations not mentioned by many other travel publications.–  维基百科旗下旅行网站,提供许多其他网站没有提及的目的地旅行指导。* – Time zone map showing the current time in major cities across the world.  Fast and easy to use, this can be a helpful resource while traveling abroad.*  – 时区网站,提供全球主要城市的当前时间,国外旅行时或许有用。 – Video-based travel guides created by professionals.  It offers reviews and guided tours of popular destinations across the globe. – 由专业人士建立的以视频为基础的旅游指导网站,为全球旅行提供参考。

TripAdvisor – Over 5 million traveler reviews and opinions on hotels, restaurants, vacations, trip ideas, and more. Unbiased opinions are offered to help users get a sense of potential vacation plans and destinations.


TripAdvisor – 旅行网站,有超过500万的关于酒店、餐馆、度假等的信息和建议,可以提供公正的参考信息。 – Pet travel guides for dog owners.  Helps pet owners to learn which hotels, restaurants, and parks are dog friendly in several cities across the US. -为携带狗狗的旅行者提供指导的网站,提供全美境内一些允许狗狗进入的旅馆、餐馆、公园等的信息。 –  Find the best seat before booking a flight.  The site includes detailed graphics, user comments, and ratings for various seats on specific flight numbers from major airlines. –  航班座位信息的网站,帮助用户在预定航班前找到最好的座位。此网站包括主要航线特定航班的座位的详细图片、用户评论、座位排名等信息。 – Find the cheapest gas prices in hundreds of cities across the US.  The site lists the average gas price for a city along with the address of specific places which offer prices below the city average. – 汽油价格网站,在全美境内数以百计的城市中找到最便宜的加油站,可以显示某市中低于该市平均汽油价格的加油站。



教育类网站  – Once users sign up for the free membership, they are granted access to high-quality video lectures.  Some of the subjects taught on the free lectures include biology, business, economics, law, history, philosophy and political science. – 视频教程网站,用户免费注册后可以观看高质量的视频教程,科目包括生物、商业、经济、法律、历史、哲学、政治科学等,部分课程是免费的。 – Offers free video talks, lectures, and ideas by famous, influential, and riveting people.  You can sort to view videos based on category, popularity, or date filmed. – 视频网站,免费提供名人演讲、讲座等,可以根据类别、受欢迎程度、录制时间进行分类。

Wikipedia – The 7th most visited website in the world is an Encyclopedia of information created by users.  This crowd-powered information resource is amazingly relevant and deep, for most any topic you are seeking information for.


Wikipedia -由用户自己来创建词条的百科全书网站,访问量全球第七,你可以在这找到几乎任何信息。 – Guides for more than 5,500 species make this one of the best Wildlife resources in the world. – 物种信息网站,提供超过5500个物种的介绍,是全球最大的野生动物信息库。 – Learn everything you need to know about Space including the latest news and information.  There is also a wealth of information about NASA, Astronomy, Stars, and the Planets. – 宇宙信息网站,提供关于宇宙的的全面信息,包括最新的信息,也包括NASA、天文学、恒星、行星的信息。*- Provides information on numerous environmental issues.   Topics covered include solar energy, rainforests, coral reefs, global warming, endangered species, and recycling.*-  环境问题网站,提供关于太阳能、热带雨林、珊瑚礁、气候变暖、濒危物种、大气循环等问题的信息。 – A nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that attempts to reduce the level of deception in politics.  The site will review a given speech, commercial, or argument; and report what it finds to be the actual facts behind the issue at hand. – 无党派非盈利性的消费者权益倡导者网站,可以为选民降低政治欺诈水平。通过审查演讲承诺、商业广告等,给出实际状况的报告。 * –  Easy to use resource for converting shoe sizes, currencies, cooking units,  distance and length, volume units, and more.* –  制式转换网站,提供鞋号、货币单位、烹饪量单位、距离单位、长度单位、容量单位等的转换。 – An online graphical dictionary and thesaurus that displays related words to a given word in a bouncing, vibrating graphic. – 在线图解式辞典网站,输入单词后可以动态的显示与该单词相关的词语信息。 – Has a vast collection of historic images and videos.  A neat tool the site offers allows users to enter their birth date and the website displays pictures and information about the historical events which occurred on that date.–  历史图片和视频收集网站,用户输入出生日期后,可以看到出生当日发生了什么事件。* – This website has a wide variety of articles on symbols and their meanings.  For example, it discusses the meaning and symbolism associated with different types of flowers, trees, colors, sacred symbols, and more.*  – 关于标志符号及其象征意义的网站,比如各种类型的花、颜色、宗教符号等表示的意义。 –  The most comprehensive resource on the Web for genetics and evolution.  Scitable is a free online library which is edited by a wide variety of specialists for the respective topics. –  最全面的基因和生物进化信息网站,由大量专业人士编辑的免费在线图书馆。 – An online guide to interpreting dreams.  Enter a keyword related to your dream and see potential explanations for what the dream meant.– 在线解梦网站,输入关键词就可以显示关于此梦的解释。

General Internet


通用类网站 – The wayback machine displays how a website use to look.  It will show thumbnail images of how any given website looked on several past dates.  For instance, you can see how Google looked on over 1,000 thousand dates in the past such as Dec. 2, 1998 or Jan. 23, 2002. – 归档网站,可以显示一个网站过去的样子。对于给出的网站,提供所选定时间的网站缩略图。比如可以看到Google网站在1998年12月2日或者2002年1月23日的样子。 – Daily discounts in major cities across the US.  A deal is introduced to all users in a given city, and when enough people sign up for the deal, the deal is offered to the users.  Groupon leverages the power of group buying to secure discounts and deals for its users. – 美国的团购网站,通过团购,折扣更多,省钱更多。

Pandora – Extremely easy to use website allows users to listen to free internet radio.  Once a user enters a song or artists that they prefer, Pandora will play continued music that the user will like based upon the song or artist they entered.


Pandora – 极其易用的免费网络电台,用户输入歌曲名或者歌手后,可以提供类似的歌曲。 – Allows users to narrow their search down to blogs to see what’s being said in the blogosphere.  Searches can be sorted based on topic or date published. – 专业的博客内容搜索网站,搜索结果可以按主题或者发布日期分类。 – Enter any website, and see its ranking both in the US and in the world.  Websites are ranked based on their popularity, and Alexa publishes the three-month trend allowing users to see which websites are growing of late.  The lower a site is ranked, the better. Twitter for example is ranked 10th because Alexa estimates that Twitter is the tenth most visited website in the world. – 关于某个网站排名信息的网站。输入一个网站,就可以看到它在全球和美国的名次。它是基于受欢迎程度来进行排名的,提供近三个月的走势。名次越低越好。以Twitter为例,其排名第十,说明其是全球访问量最大的第十个网站。 * –  Real-time search engine showing what’s being said right now on Twitter.  The user can drill down deeper to see what people are saying and which places are popular right now inside of 32 major cities. * – Twitter留言搜索网站,实时地显示人们正在说什么,可以对一话题进行更深入的了解;也可以实时显示32个主要城市的热门地点。 – The most comprehensive movie database and archive in the world.  Easily see which actors were in a specific movie along with all of the movies a respective actor was in. -最全面的电影信息数据库和归档网站,可以显示某个电影中的演员阵容和某个演员参演的所有电影。 –  An easy way to quickly test the speed of an internet connection.  This can be helpful to learn how good of a job your Internet Service Provider is doing. –  最简单的网络连接测试网站,可以了解你的网络服务提供商的服务水平。 – This website aims to be the TV guide for Internet TV.   With a wide variety of places to watch television online, this website can help users ensure that they catch their favorite show.  You can sort by genre, live, Web originals, movies, music, and more.–  网络电视服务网站,保证用户观看到他们喜爱的节目。可以按照风格、实况、网络原创、电影、音乐等进行分类。 – The simplest and most popular URL shortener.  Users can quickly shorten a link to a few characters which can come in handy on sites such as Twitter which limit messages to 140 characters.–  最简单和最流行的网址缩短服务网站。用户可以快速地缩短网址,从而使分享网址更容易。 – Allows users to snap a screenshot of any Web page and easily download it in a variety of sizes. -在线网页截图网站,用户获得网站的缩略图后,可以下载保存为不同大小的图片。  – Displays the 1,000 most visited sites in the world.  The data which comes from Google’s ad planner, doesn’t include Google in the list, which happens to be the most visited site on the Web. -它可以显示全球访问量最多的前1000个网站。数据来自Google广告计划,不包括Google自己,或许Google才是全球访问量最大的网站。

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