The Bright Sagittarian


Ordinarily, one would expect the archer to be a perfectionist to the core! The right precision, the effortless aim, the practised yet generally confused action! That’s the Sagittarian for you!


Geniuses Galore


Known to attract a million people across the globe, Sagittarians are typically known like Geminis to make friends instantly. The only difference is that Saggis generally have their astronomically brilliant mind that attracts people to them. Known to be extremely slow, almost lethargic, their precision is unmatched! Personally too Sagittarians are absolute emotional people who interestingly use logic to the maximum in almost everything that they do.


Like the Archer, Sagittarians are extremely precise in their goals and are known to love logically bright things. They are also great appreciators of art, (read as poetry and the like) as they understand their limitations in fathoming this themselves. Being bright and knowing that they are so, they are one zodiac sign like Pisceans who do not believe in blowing their own trumpet.


It is no wonder that despite Pisces being an opposite sign, in terms of element, both Sagittarians and Pisceans make a deadly combination, in terms of intellect. Though Virgos also find an equally amicable place under the sun with Saggis, you’ll rarely find them without a bunch of friends. You’ll generally notice that most Sagittarians are very well educated and strongly believe that educating themselves is the choicest boon that the human race could be given ever!


Since logic remains the foundation for them to stem from, it is no wonder that they love practical subjects like pure sciences and arithmetic to other socio cultural activities. You can generally spot a Sagittarian as they keep to themselves and believe that others should do too.


It is perhaps this quality that attracts most of the people from other signs to get attracted to them. Besides, they also possess a good sense of humour. One of the demerits of this sign is that they are by far an obstinate sign and generally difficult to mould. They have this set number of beliefs and abide by them eternally so! This also at times reflects their moody nature.


Most of them are moody and it is this swing of moods that makes them mould the other person too. Because they believe that certain things need to be done in a particular manner, they try their might in making the other person agree to their terms. Some of them, well most of them are attention seeking people in their own right.


Either they seek attention through their somewhat callous and silent demeanour or by making a hue and cry, in their own inimitable style, they sure do make the world stand up and listen. It is no wonder then that some of the well known faces worldwide, especially in the world of cinema belong to Sagittarians.


Exceptionally Bright


Sagittarians have a bit of all signs except for the pride. A trait that finds itself lost amidst the wide variety of colourful characteristics.


Most Sagittarians are enveloped in modesty. What is important for them to note is that they are prone to injuries of some sort or the other. According to the zodiac body chart, they are prone to injuries of the thighs and hips and numerous ankle twists.


Their loony images make them sway in their own tune making them this susceptible. Most of them are poor eaters or prefer a qualiy of cuisines. So if you come across a strangely attractive person digging in an interesting science fiction, you know whom you’re dealing with!



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