科罗拉多婚礼——Erin Hearts Court拍摄

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck but for this couple, it also created a totally cozy, romantic day. Just as they began their vows, the skies opened up and it made for maybe the best wedding kiss EVER which was caught to absolute perfection by Erin Hearts Court. The whole wedding is completely adorable from the pine cone adorned cake to the pashmina wrapped bridesmaids. This is what we call Colorado chic designed ever so beautifully by Emily Campbell of Bella Design & Planning and we give it two big thumbs up. Click here to see all the rainy day details.

人们常说,婚礼当天飘雨会带给新人好运。而今天出场的这一对,雨水带来的不只是好运,更是为他们营造了一个超级温馨浪漫的婚礼。新人起誓的那一刻,整片天空拨开云雾。在雨水洗过的蓝天下接吻,这无疑是最美妙的瞬间。我们Erin Hearts Court团队怎能放过这完美的一刻呢?从松果装饰的蛋糕到穿着羊毛礼裙的伴娘,一切都将这场婚礼衬托得精致又可爱。这场称为“科罗拉多雅调”的婚礼是由Bella Design & Planning策划团队的Emily Campbell设计师设计完成的,我们赞到不行。请点击这里查看婚礼细节。

From the Bride…


Everything was memorable! The day was spectacular. I have been going to Keystone with my family for years and Dan and I visit Breckenridge often so Colorado was a perfect place for us to get hitched. We even got engaged in Denver! The day was spectacular! After a gloomy, rainy start, the day brightened and every single second was perfection! It truly does take a village, because my parents, siblings, and bridesmaids all rallied to help us finish a million little details that day. Seeing Dan for our first look was amazing. We were both so excited and happy, and he looked incredibly handsome. The ceremony was unreal. Our dear friend, Granville, was our officiant. He crafted the most beautiful, funny, and touching ceremony. We asked our guests to send us newlywed advice on their reply cards, and Granville made this a really entertaining and heartfelt part of the ceremony. Dan’s sister, Jennifer, sang us an old marriage hymn, a capella. The rain began to fall during our vows, which was so exhilarating and funny! The cocktail party after the ceremony was fabulous. All 97 guests piled into the 120 year old ski lodge to escape the rain, nibbling on the best gourmet hors d’oeuvres on the planet – the mini beef on weck sliders (a Buffalo, NY specialty), Wisconsin bratwurst pig in the blankets, and prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe were our favorites! Everyone was relaxed and happy, sipping sangria while the Spring Creek Bluegrass Band rocked away.

这场婚礼简直刻骨铭心!这一天真是太壮观了。我们家在吉斯通住过一段时间,我和Dan也会经常去布雷肯里奇小镇旅游,所以科罗拉多是我和Dan结婚的最佳地点。就连订婚我们也选在了丹佛!这一天真的是太棒了!刚开始天空暗淡,细雨绵绵,紧接着雨过天晴,每一个瞬间都完美至极!这场婚礼堪称声势浩大,那天我的父母,兄弟姐妹,伴娘们全都赶来帮我们解决数不尽的琐事。第一眼见到Dan时觉得真是妙不可言。我俩又开心又激动,他真是帅呆了。整个仪式充满了梦幻的气息。我很荣幸地请到我最亲爱的哥们,Granville,做我们的司仪。他不负众望,主持得既浪漫又幽默,还让我们狠狠感动了一番。仪式中有个环节是邀请所有宾客在致辞卡片上留下对我们的祝福和忠告,Granville加强了这部分的娱乐性,成为了全场婚礼的高潮。Dan的妹妹Jennifer,也为我们献上一首怀旧的婚礼歌曲《A Capella》。我和Dan起誓的时候,天空又开始飘起了小雨,让我们惊喜之余又忍不住开怀大笑!仪式之后的鸡尾酒舞会也超赞。为了避雨,全部的97位宾客都挤进了这家拥有120年历史的小旅馆,尽情享用着世上最美味的佳肴点心——不过我们最爱额还是迷你牛肉三明治(纽约特供的野牛肉),威斯康星的煎饼香肠和火腿蜜瓜卷!所有宾客玩得自在愉快,品尝着美味的汽酒,摇曳漫步在Spring Creek Bluegrass乐队的歌声中。

Our reception was gorgeous. I always wanted a restaurant reception in a place with a lot of character. The warm, classic interior was the perfect setting. I wanted the room to glow with candlelight while channeling simple, summer elegance, so we chose lanterns and elegant white hydrangea centerpieces. Our amazing wedding planner, Emily Campbell, and her team set up the room perfectly. We did a surprise in our first dance, which was a blast to do for everyone. And, my hilarious brother Kevin, planned a surprise Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ flash mob dance with all of the bridesmaids. Incredible! We served whoopie pies and the most divine fudgey Bailey’s cupcakes – a perfect sweet note to end the night. We awoke in the morning to 2″ of snow!

婚礼的接待也非常称心。我一直期待负责酒宴的饭店可以坐落在一个别具情调的地方。而这家酒店温馨典雅的装饰也成为婚礼最完美的布景。我还希望房间内可以烛光点点,充满简约高贵的夏日气息,于是我们在房间内装饰上灯笼和八仙花。Emily Campbell,我们这位神奇的婚礼策划大师,带领她的团队将房间布置得美轮美奂。我和Dan的第一支舞让大家惊喜异常,点燃了大家跳舞的热情。我搞笑的兄弟Kevin和伴娘们带来了他们的惊喜之舞,Lady Gaga的快闪“Bad Romance”。我们着实吓了一跳哈!最后,南瓜无比派和美味的纸杯蛋糕给这个夜晚画上了甜美的句号。第二天我们醒来时门外已经堆积了两寸的白雪!

We remember so many lovely details from the entire weekend and we’re so grateful to experience this special occasion in our lives with all of our favorite people. I want to personally thank my parents for everything they did to help us have a perfect wedding day. They did so much for us during the months, days, and hours leading up to “I Do”. Also, a heartfelt thank you to Erin & Courtney for capturing our day so beautifully. It was a genuine pleasure to work with them.

这个周末有太多的瞬间值得我们纪念了,我们感谢能和亲人朋友们共度这个特别的时刻。我个人还要特别感谢我的父母,有了他们的帮助,我才会有这么完美的婚礼。他们这几个月每一分每一秒的付出都是为了女儿我能幸福地说一声“我愿意”。同时,我还要衷心谢谢Erin & Courtney为我们记录下这些美好的瞬间。我真的很高兴能和他们合作。


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