So it’s always discussed about how students who act up in class make it so hard for the teachers.


While this may be true, not enough adults realize that the kids are not the only ones to blame.


Speaking as a sixteen year old who attends a public high school – you always get at least one teacher who walks in the first day and demands respect. They say they’ve been teenagers and so they understand. So why don’t they understand why they get a bad reaction


from the class when they waltz in demanding this respect? In the TEENAGE world – we have to EARN respect amongst each other. And anyone of us who acts like they’re better gets shot down. Know your place.


What I hate the most, are the teachers who don’t care about us, and yet still pretend to.


“I understand what you’re going through, don’t worry about it.”


SHUT UP, PLEASE. That’s just it – you don’t understand. You don’t know a thing about us unless we tell you, so stop pretending like you actually care when you don’t.


We’re NOT stupid, and we see right through you. We know you don’t think we’re smart enough.


It’s so easy for you to stick a label on us that we’re out of control, out of line, out of our minds. But really, we’re only reacting to you trying to downsize us.


I would much rather have a teacher who blatantly doesn’t care about me and just wants to do their job and ‘git ‘er done!’ appose to somebody who doesn’t really want to know about it but sugarcoats their appearence so it seems like they’re interested.


I had a math teacher one year who was amazed when we leaked a problem or two to her. She is one of those teachers who assumes everyone perfect life, or close to it.


Sorry to inform you, but not all of us live with both parents, a dog, and have a picket white fence outside our large houses which we can afford with our parent’s large income. Not all of us go to church either!


The majority of kids have divoced parents, small houses, and for some of us – our lives aren’t worth talking about.


You teachers don’t know what may have happened five minutes before class. So maybe that’s why your student is upset and acting out.


All in all, I like all of my teachers. But what I’ve written above – I’ve experienced myself. My cousin actually had her history teacher call her a terrorist-enabler.


He can’t be fired due to seniority.


What are the they thinking when people like this are hired to teach children?


So you see, it’s not always the BIG, BAD, teenagers. Plenty of us are just confused about ourselves and are still figuring things out.


Give us a chance, and maybe we’ll open up to you.


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